ASTM B619 Alloy S / UNS N06635 Nickel Alloy Welded Tube
1. Material Grade: Alloy S,  Alloy C276/N10276,  Alloy B/UNS N10001,  Alloy B-2/UNS N10665,  Alloy B-3/UNS N10675,  Alloy C22/UNS N06022,  Alloy 800/N08800,  Alloy 825/N08825, Alloy 400/N04400; etc

2. Outer Diameter: 3.18mm-101.6mm
    Wall Thickness: 0.5mm-20mm
3. Length: Normally fixed length 6m, can as per customer’s requirement
4. Standard: ASTM B163; ASTM B167; ASTM B444; ASTM B622 etc
Alloy S Chemical composition:

% Ni Cr Mo Fe Co W C Mn Si P S Al Cu La B
min balance 14.5 14.0 - - - - 0.30 0.20 -- - 0.10 - 0.01 -
max 17.0 16.5 3.0 2.0 1.00 0.020 1.00 0.75 0.020 0.015 0.50 0.35 0.10 0.015


Alloy S has excellent thermal stability, low thermal expansion and excellent oxidation resistance at 1093℃. It has good high temperature and thermal fatigue strength. It retains its strength and ductility after aging at temperatures of 427 to 871℃. Hastelloy S is particularly suitable for cyclical heating conditions where components must be capable of retaining their strength, ductility and metallurgical integrity after long time exposure.
Industrial furnaces, and gas turbine engine seal rings.

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