Complete inspection equipment and quality system

Raw Materials

Our raw materials come from well-known steel mills in China, such as Qingshan, Bao Steel, Yongxing, Tisco...
We will do MTC checking (PMI), Tensile strength test, Surface/Dimension inspection for raw materials.


Specially assigned person shall follow up and check according to the process flow card, and finally keep the copy.

Before Shipment

Our quality inspection team consists of 15 professionals, each responsible for different categories of products.
We will conduct routine appearance testing, PMI testing, non-destructive testing (eddy current, ultrasonic, hydraulic), and other tests on our products. MTSCO is also equipped with a professional lab that can conduct tensile testing, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, spectral analysis, and other inspections. If customers has requirements, we can accept third-party inspection, such as SGS/TUV/BV, etc.

QC Team

MTSCO QC team is a solid guarantee for the quality of our products. We have 9 professional inspectors and 1 inspection manager, each of whom is responsible for one category of products, ensuring that every detail is strictly monitored.
Before production, we can provide a full range of technical support to help you make informed purchasing decisions.
During production, we closely follow up and update the production progress of each order to ensure that potential problems are identified and solved in a timely manner to ensure on-time delivery.
After production, each batch of products is inspected in accordance with the inspection process, and each link is photographed and recorded for safekeeping, providing you with a convenient and reliable traceability channel.
MTSCO's QC team is not only the inspector, but also the guardian of your product quality, providing you with higher level products and services.



End Protection;
Woven Bags/Boxes;
Reinforced with wooden strips for transport;


Film Protection;
Reel: Wooden/ Iron/ Wooden+ Iron/ Plastic;
Woven Bags/Boxes;
Reinforced with rope for transport;


Individually laminated or wrapped in bubble wrap;
Wooden Box/ Pallet;
Reinforced with rope for transport;

Steel Wire

Wooden Boxes/ Coiled Bundling;
Paper Tubes/ Pallets/ Wire Racks;

Certificate Qualification

All products of MTSCO have ISO and PED certificates. In addition, some of our products have also obtained AD2000 and classification society recognition. These certifications not only ensure the quality and standards of our products, but also enable customers to gain more competitiveness in the international market. We will continue to be committed to providing the highest quality and safest products to create value for our customers.