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Flanges are essential components in industrial piping systems, serving as connectors for pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment. These flat or circular discs with evenly spaced holes allow for easy assembly and disassembly of the system, making maintenance and modifications more efficient.
Flanges come in various types, with the most common being weld neck, slip-on, socket weld, lap joint, and blind flanges. Each type is designed for specific applications.
In addition to joining components, flanges provide key benefits, including stress distribution, leak prevention, and the ability to access the interior of the piping system. They are critical in industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, and manufacturing.
MTSCO flange has a highly guaranteed supply chain. Since 2018, MTSCO flange business matured and invested in our own flange manufacturer-Yongheng Steel. Yongheng is fully responsible for all flange orders from MTSCO, and operates around the clock to maximize the cost performance of flanges.

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Specifications of Flanges/Forged/Casting Fittings

Type Outer Diameter Standard Materials
Flanges 21.3-2032mm

ASME B16.5/16.47/
JIS 2220
DIN 2502-2673
BS 4504/3293
AS 2129/4087
SABS 1123
UNI 2277/2278
AWWA C207  
GOST 33259/10280/10281

Austenitic F304/L, F316/L, F316Ti...

Forged Fittings

Duplex Steel F51/2205/S32205

Casting Fittings

Nickel Alloy Cobalt Alloy 600/ 800/ C Series... Alloy 188/ L-605/ 6B...


Quality Control of MTSCO Flanges

1. Secondary Inspection of Raw Materials

MTSCO raw materials come from large factories such as Baosteel, TSINGSHAN, Yongxin...Each batch of raw materials requires MTC and PMI. After the raw materials arrive, we conduct PMI, appearance, heat no checking, physical and chemical and other inspections, to ensure that they meet the requirements.
Next, the raw material will be produced from cutting, forging, solid solution for flange blanks, through 100% visual inspection, 2% NDT, physical and chemical testing, etc., to confirm that the blanks are qualified. All experimental results are archived.

2. Traceability of the Production Process

The director receives the blanks from warehouse according to the production plan, and with the process flow card, the blanks are processed by turning, drilling, marking, cleaning and other procedures. The first flange programmed by CNC each time is supervised by the director, who confirms that it is qualified and then continues production. Every 10 subsequent pieces are measured by the machinist and the measurement data is recorded. Each link is supervised by professional qc inspectors and photographed for archiving. The entire process uses process cards to ensure accuracy and traceability.

3. Inspection before Shipment

MTSCO has professional QC team to inspect the dimensions of the flange, verify the spray code, inspect the appearance, and take photos to record. We did not conduct a 100% inspection because we firmly believe that good quality must be produced through management, not inspection. Therefore, we have invested a lot of effort in production control to ensure the quality of the final product. In addition, we also accept third-party inspection, such as SGS, TUV, and BV.


Protective Cover + Separate Foam Bag

Wooden Box

Container Reinforcement

Project Cases

Year Project End User/ EPC Site Material Products QTY(KGS)
2020 K56 Methane Gas to Power Plant. Shema Power Lake Kivu Limited. Rwanda 316L SMLS Pipe
1/2"-20"/BW Fittings
2021-2022 Building New Factory in Israel Intel Israel 304L Welded Pipe 8''/10''/16'' 10S
BW Fittings
2023 PROJECT SAHARA ROSE Petronas Malaysia 304/L
Welded Pipe
2022-2023 P78 Petrobras Brazil N06625 Plate/Fitting/Flange 10,000


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