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Pipe Fittings

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Pipe fittings are crucial components that facilitate the connection, redirection, and control of pipes within various systems. Designed for precision and durability, fittings ensure the seamless flow of fluids or gases, enabling efficient processes across industries.

Seamless Pipe
Seamless Pipe
Seamless Pipe
Seamless Pipe
Seamless Pipe

MTSCO can supply pipe fittings come in diverse types, such as elbow, tee, reducer, cap, each serving specific purposes in directing flow or altering pipe sizes. These fittings play a pivotal role in industries like plumbing, oil and gas, chemical processing, and construction. MTSCO pipe fitting has a highly guaranteed supply chain, since 2010, MTSCO invested in Hongdi, a factory with 20 years of manufacturing experience, and reached a high degree of strategic partnership with Hongdi, and became Hongdi's only international sales center.


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Specifications of Pipe Fitting

Type Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Standard Materials
Elbow/Tee/Reducer/Cap ≤2000mm;
EN 10253-4
Austenitic 300 Series...
Duplex Steel S31803/S32750...
Stub End ≤800mm
Nickel Alloy 600/ 800/ C Series...
Cobalt Alloy Alloy 188/ L-605/ 6B...


6 Guarantees For You To Choose

  • MTSCO will ensure the thickness of the back of elbow, do not cut corners.
  • MTSCO will never use 304 instead of 304L for pipe fittings made of 304L.
  • For the surface of pipe fittings more beautiful, we will take sandblasted surface treatment.
  • For welded pipe fittings we carry out 100% ultrasonic or radiographic testing of the raw material and pipe fittings.
  • For fitting package, large one wrapped in cling film, small one molded or wrapped in bubble wrap. The end is protected by pearl cotton. The outside is packed in wooden box/pallet, and the cabinet is reinforced with wooden strips and ropes.
  • MTSCO fittings have obtained ISO/PED/CRN/TS certificates.

Project Cases

Year Project End User/ EPC Site Material Products QTY(KGS)
2020 K56 Methane Gas to Power Plant. Shema Power Lake Kivu Limited. Rwanda 316L SMLS Pipe
1/2"-20"/BW Fittings
2021-2022 Building New Factory in Israel Intel Israel 304L Welded Pipe 8''/10''/16'' 10S
BW Fittings
2023 PROJECT SAHARA ROSE Petronas Malaysia 304/L
Welded Pipe
2022-2023 P78 Petrobras Brazil N06625 Plate/Fitting/Flange 10,000


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